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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PTU Sweet As Honey tutorial


Kit: The cute PTU kit Summer Buzz by Karra's Kreative Korner , available exclusively at Artistic Reality Talent
Tube: Tasty Treat by Barbara Jensen available here
Mask: WSL_Mask289 available here, or mask of choice
Template: BeMine by Scarlet available at Creative Misfits Creations (scroll down until you see Scarlet's name!)
Wordart: supplied below
Font: Lemondrop or font of choice
Program of choice (this tutorial was written specifically for Photoshop users)

Don't forget to save frequently!

1. Open template, change image size to 550x550 px (Alt+Ctrl+I). Change canvas size to 600x600 px (Alt+Ctrl+C).

2. Delete the following 6 layers:
beats for you
Layer 1
BeMine text
be mine - be mine... copy 2
be mine - be mine... copy

3. Remove layer fx from remaining layers (drag effects to trash bin icon at bottom of layers.)

4. Move the bottom 2 layers down slightly. Then move the top 4 layers to the right slightly as shown (click to see full size):

5. Open KKpaper11, copy and paste to canvas above frame layer. Create clipping mask. (Right-click layer and select "Create Clipping Mask".)

6. Open KKpaper2, copy and paste to canvas above rectangle layer. Create clipping mask.

7. Open KK_netting, copy and paste above previous layer. (I added drop shadow to mine while I was working so it was visible).

8. Open KKpaper7, copy and paste to canvas above large square layer. Create clipping mask.

9. Delete the frame layer that is below the large square layer.

10. Open KK_frame1, resize 75%. Copy and paste above previous layers. Rotate slightly counter-clockwise and position so that it covers large square layer.

12. Delete the frame layer below the circle layer.

13, Open KKpaper12, copy and paste to canvas above circle layer. Create clipping mask.

14. Open KK_frame3, resize 50%. Copy and paste above previous layer. Position so that it frames the circle layer.

15. Open KKpaper11, copy and paste to canvas above frame layer (below small square layer). Create clipping mask.

16. Open tube (I used orange and black layers since the orange is close to the colors of the kit), change blend mode to "Hard Light", then create clipping mask.

17. Open KKpaper2, copy and paste to canvas above small square layer. Create clipping mask.

18. Copy and paste tube again above previous layer. Resize as desired. Erase any part of the tube that hangs below the template.

19. Duplicate layer. Change blending mode of duplicated layer to "Screen" with 60% Opacity.

20. On the left side, I placed these elements:

KK_ribbon3, resized 50% duplicated once and placed around the left side and bottom of green frame
KK_leaf1, resized 50%, duplicated once
KK_heart flower, resized 50%
KK_leaf2, resized 40%, duplicated once
KK_leaf1, resized 30%, duplicated once

KK_wired heart, resized 80% (place across bottom)

KK_bow1, resized 40% (place on the upper right side)

21. On the left side, place these elements:

KK_honeycomb1, resized 35%, duplicated once
KK_charm, resized 40%, duplicated once
KK_bird house, resized 50%
KK_bee trail1, resized 80%
KK_button2, resized , duplicated once
KK_flower1, resized , duplicated once
KK_honey dish, resized 40%
KK_bee2, resized 15%
KK_wordart1, resized 80%, with a brown Color Overlay (in Blending Options)

22. Add wordart provided here (right-click and save):

23. Add name. I used Lemondrop size 72 #fcc537 with 2px stroke #4c2408.

24. Add drop shadow to all elements if desired.

25. Open KKpaper5, copy and paste to canvas.

26. Drag previous layer all the way to the bottom of layers. Add mask of choice (I used WSL_Mask289) to layer {Press "Q" while on layer to enter quickmask selection, copy mask and paste, resize to fit canvas (Ctrl-T and then drag each side to edge of canvas, press enter to accept selection), Press "Q" again, then click on the button at the bottom of the layers that is a rectangle with a circle in the middle. Resize as desired.

27. Be sure to delete white background layer before saving.

28. Add your watermark, save as .png and you are finished!

*Note* I always save my tags as a .psd file in case I make mistakes and to offer to others.