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Friday, May 11, 2012

FTU Great Minds tutorial


Kit: The awesome (now) FTU kit Evil Ann & Andy by Wicked Princess Scraps 
Tube: Cortney Zombie by Scott See available at Artistic Reality Talent
Mask: Misfitsmask#4madebyLNM-12 by LindaNM from Creative Misfits available here, or mask of choice 
Template: template_1 by Angelique available here
Wordart: supplied below
Font: PR8 Charade or font of choice
Program of choice (this tutorial was written specifically for Photoshop users)

Don't forget to save frequently!

1. Open template, change resolution to 72 pixels/inch and then image size to 550x516 px (Alt+Ctrl+I). Change canvas size to 600x600 px (Alt+Ctrl+C).

2. Open WP_EAA_BLOODSPLATTER, copy and paste above Raster 1 layer. Duplicate (Ctrl +J) 3 times and position in corners. 

3. Open WP_EAA_FENCING, resize 70%. Copy and paste above previous layers. Position in the center. 

4. Leave Raster 9 and its copy as is.

5. Open WP_EAA_PP10, resize to 600 x 600 px. Copy and paste to canvas above Raster 2. Add noise (Filter->Noise->Add Noise), 30%, Gaussian Distribution, Monochromatic. Create clipping mask. (Right-click layer and select "Create Clipping Mask".)

6. Duplicate layer twice and drag one above Raster 5 and one above Raster 8. Create clipping mask both times.

7. Open WP_EAA_PP11, resize to 600 x 600 px. Copy and paste to canvas above Raster 3. Create clipping mask.

8. Open WP_EAA_TREE, resize 90% Copy and paste to canvas above previous layer. Position on the left side of template. Create clipping mask. 

9. Duplicate previous layer and drag layer to the top of the template. Use your eraser tool to erase bottom of tree so it appears to come out of the template.

10. Leave Raster 4 as is.

11. Open WP_EAA_PP2, resize to 600 x 600 px. Copy and paste to canvas above Raster 6. Create clipping mask.

12. Open WP_EAA_PP4, resize to 600 x 600 px. Copy and paste to canvas above Raster 10. Create clipping mask.

13. Open tube, copy and paste above previous layer. Duplicate layer. Create clipping mask for both layers. Change blending modes to "Soft Light". Position on opposite sides as desired.

14. Leave Copy of Raster 10 alone.

15. Open WP_EAA_PP1, resize to 600 x 600 px. Copy and paste to canvas above Raster 7. Create clipping mask.

16. WP_EAA_CEMETARY, copy and paste to canvas above previous layer. Duplicate layer and change blending mode to "Overlay". Create clipping mask with both layers.

17. Open tube, copy and paste to canvas above previous layer, reposition as desired. Duplicate layer. Change original layer's opacity to 20% and then change blend mode of the copy to "Vivid Light". Create clipping mask with both layers.

18. On the right side, I placed these elements:

WP_EAA_BLOODYROE resized 20% and duplicate 2 times (along the right side)
WP_EAA_CORNER resized 60% and rotated slightly
WP_EAA_TOMBSTONE resized 35%
WP_EAA_ROPE resized 30%
WP_EAA_AX resized 50%
WP_EAA_B LOODYBOX resized 20%
WP_EAA_BLOODYKEYS resized 15% and flipped horizontally
WP_EAA_BRAIN resized 23% duplicated (with duplicated layer set to "Linear Light" blend mode)
WP_EAA_GUN resized 25%

19. Open WP_EAA_BULLETHOLES and resize 11%. Copy and paste to canvas, set to "Hard Light" blend mode and dupicate a few times. Place as desired.

20. Open tube and resize 55%. Copy and paste to canvas above all other layers. 

21. Duplicate layer and set blend mode to "Soft Light" at 50% Opacity.

22. Open wordart supplied below (right-click and save) and paste to upper right of template.

23. Add name. I used PR8Charade font in black, 100pt, with 2px stroke #6f0404.

26. Add drop shadow to layers if desired.

27. Open WP_EAA_PP3, resize to 600 x 600 px. Copy and paste to canvas.

28. Drag previous layer all the way to the bottom. Add mask (I used Mask Misfitsmask#4madebyLNM-12 by LindaNM) to layer {Press "Q" while on layer to enter quickmask selection, copy mask and paste, resize to fit canvas (Ctrl-T and then drag each side to edge of canvas, press enter to accept selection), Press "Q" again, then click on the button at the bottom of the layers that is a rectangle with a circle in the middle. Resize as desired.

28. Be sure to delete white background layer before saving.

29. Add your watermark, save as .png and you are finished!

*Note* I always save my tags as a .psd file in case I make mistakes and to offer to others.

Made one for Shani too!


tragedy6996 said...

HAHAHAHA! I love this!