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Saturday, February 18, 2012

FTU Pretty Violet Thang Tutorial


Kit: The gorgeous FTU kit Pretty Wild Thang by Karra's Kreative Korner
Tube: "Violet" by Tatjana Willms, available for purchase at Dreamscape Imaging, please do not use without a valid license
Mask: WSL_Mask350 from Weescotslass Creations
Font: Before the Rain font of choice
Program of choice (this tutorial was written specifically for Photoshop users)

Don't forget to save frequently!

1. Open new image (Ctrl +N), 600x600 px, resolution 72 pixels/inch.

2. Open paint2, copy and paste to canvas, position at bottom of canvas. Duplicate (Ctrl + J) and move to the top of the canvas.

3. Open glitter burst3. Copy and paste onto canvas, position in upper left of canvas. Duplicate (Ctrl + J) and move to bottom right of canvas.

4. Open frame2, resize 90% (Alt + Ctrl + I), copy and paste to canvas. Position slightly to the right.

5. Use Magic Wand Tool to select the inside of the left side of the frame. Expand selection (Select->Modify->Expand) by 5 pixels. Create new layer (Shift + Ctrl + N) and flood fill with white. Do the same for the right side of the frame. Drag both layers below the frame.

6. Open paper6, copy and paste above the first flood filled layer and create clipping mask.(Right-click and select "Create Clipping Mask"). Open tube of choice, copy and paste to canvas above paper layer and create clipping mask Change blend mode of tube layer to "Hard Light".

7. Same as step 6 for the second flood filled layer.

8. Open ribbon2, flip horizontal (Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontal), copy and paste above frame layer. Position over top left of frame.

9. Open bow3, resize 35%. Copy and paste to canvas. Move to top left of frame.

10. Open sparkles, position over right side of frame, duplicate (Ctrl + J) and position over left side of frame.

11. Open tube, resize as needed. Copy and paste to canvas, reposition as shown, duplicate (Ctrl + J) and set top layer's blend mode to "Linear Light", change opacity to 50%.

12. Open ribbon5, copy and paste to canvas. Position at bottom.

13. Open Ipod, resize 65%, copy and paste to canvas. Position on left side of canvas.

14. Open lipstick1, resize 75%, copy and paste to canvas. Position on left side of canvas.

15. Open flower4, resize 65%. Copy and paste to canvas. Move to lower left corner of tag. Duplicate 3 more times, and place in lower left corner.

16. Open flower5, resize 75%. Copy and paste to canvas. Move to left side of tag in the center of other flowers.

17. Open shoe2, resize 40%. Copy and paste to canvas. Flip horizontally (Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontal). Move to left side of tag.

18. Open lips 3, resize 75%, copy and paste to canvas. Move to left side of tag.

19. Open heart2, resize 50%, copy and paste to canvas. Move to upper right side of frame.

20. Add name to tag, I used Before the Rain size 30, color #e02ddb. Add stroke (2px black). Move to bottom of tag, over ribbon.

21. Add new layer, flood fill with #5a1377 and drag layer all the way to the bottom. Add mask (I used Mask 350 by Weescotslass Creations) to layer {Press "Q" while on layer to enter quickmask selection, copy mask and paste, resize to fit canvas (Ctrl-T and then drag each side to edge of canvas, press enter to accept selection), Press "Q" again, then click on the button at the bottom of the layers that is a rectangle with a circle in the middle. Resize if needed.

22. Add drop shadow to layer if you would like, add your copyright and watermark, save as .png and you are finished.

*Note* I always save my tags as a .psd file in case I make mistakes and to offer to others.

:) Hope this was easy enough to understand and follow. Any questions or comments are welcome!



Desire said...

Absolutely beautiful tut! Thank you so much for sharing..