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Friday, March 23, 2012

PTU Born A Rebel tutorial


Kit: The rockin' PTU kit Friends Are Forever: Gin by Karra's Kreative Korner
Tube: Tube of choice (I used an exclusive tube by Ismael Rac available only at Creative Misfits forum)
Mask: MakeAMaskRock2MF01Slow2010 by Sabine from Creative Misfits, or mask of choice
Template: Temp_1 by Ella available from Creative Misfits
Wordart:  Rebel4 wordart by me (Jane) avalable from Creative Misfits, or any wordart of choice
Font: Feathergraphy Decoration or font of choice
Program of choice (this tutorial was written specifically for Photoshop users)
Filter: Eye Candy Carve

Don't forget to save frequently!

1. Open template, change image size to 550x550 px (Alt+Ctrl+I). Change canvas size to 600x600 px (Alt+Ctrl+C).

2. Delete info and layer.

3. Open KK_star scatter, copy and paste above BG layer. Position in the upper left. Duplicate (Ctrl +J) and position in the bottom right.

4. Open KK_wire fence, copy and paste above previous layers.

5. Open KKpaper7, copy and paste to canvas above Dark Star Mask. Create clipping mask (right click on paper layer and select "Create Clipping Mask".)

6. Open KKpaper4, copy and paste to canvas above Light Star Mask. Create clipping mask.

7. Open KKpaper10, copy and paste to canvas above Back Bracket. Create clipping mask.

8. Open KKpaper8, copy and paste to canvas above Swag Stars. Create clipping mask.

9. Right click layer and select "Merge Down". Right-click again and select "Blending Options". Check the "Bevel and Emboss" box.

10. Open KKpaper6, copy and paste to canvas above Front Bracket. Create clipping mask.

11. Open KK_skyline, resize 75% and copy and paste to canvas. Create clipping mask.

12. Open tube of choice, resize as desired and copy and paste to canvas. Change blend mode to "Darken" and reposition to the right side of the Bracket. Create clipping mask.

13. Select all of the top 4 layers (the ones we haven't done yet) and reposition further down on the canvas as shown below.

14. Open KKpaper10, copy and paste to canvas above Big Rectangle. Create clipping mask.

15. Open KKpaper2, copy and paste to canvas above Small Rectangle. Create clipping mask.

16. Open tube of choice, resize as desired. Copy and paste to canvas. Duplicate layer and change blend mode to "Overlay". Select both layers and create clipping mask.

17. Duplicate both layers and erase the bottom of the tube on both layers so that it appears to come out of the rectangle.

18. Leave dots layer as is.

19. Open KKpaper4, copy and paste to canvas above lft Star. Create clipping mask. Reposition slightly down and to the right

20. Place the following elements on the left side of the template as shown in this order:
KK_skull resized 35%
KK_music notes
KK_amp resized 50%
KK_speaker resized 50% (flipped horizontally)
KK_ticket stub resized 25%, duplicated once and rotated slightly (Ctrl+T, then drag outside of box in a clockwise motion.)
KK_guitar resized 50%
KK_sneaker resized 25%

21. Delete rt Star layer.

22. Open wordart. Resize 75%. Copy and paste to canvas, reposition at the bottom of the template. Right-click and select "Blending Options". Check Outer Glow and change color to #c00400.

23. Merge layer down. Use filter Eye Candy Carve with default settings.

24. Adjust hue/saturation to match color of tag. I used Hue: +49, Saturation +100, Lightness -37. Create Clipping Mask so that only wordart is changed.

25. Add name. I used Feathergraphy Decoration font 100 pt red to match tag and stroke 2 black. Use filter Eye Candy Carve again.

26. Add drop shadow to all layers except tube layers.

27. Add new layer, flood fill with black and drag layer all the way to the bottom. Add mask (I used Mask MakeAMaskRock2MF01Slow2010 by Sabine) to layer {Press "Q" while on layer to enter quickmask selection, copy mask and paste, resize to fit canvas (Ctrl-T and then drag each side to edge of canvas, press enter to accept selection), Press "Q" again, then click on the button at the bottom of the layers that is a rectangle with a circle in the middle. Resize if needed.

28. Be sure to delete white background layer before saving.

29. Add your watermark, save as .png and you are finished!

*Note* I always save my tags as a .psd file in case I make mistakes and to offer to others.

:) Hope this was easy enough to understand and follow. Any questions or comments are welcome!