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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PTU No Place Like Gnome tutorial

(Click to view original size!)


Kit: The super cute PTU kit There's No Place Like Gnome by Soxsational Scraps 
Fonts: Coneria Script Demo or font of choice
Mask: Chichi_Mask_5 by Chichi available here 
Program of choice (this tutorial was written specifically for Photoshop users)

Don't forget to save frequently! 


1. Open new image 600w x 450h at 72 ppi (Ctrl+N).

2. Open TW- Rainbow, resize 75%, copy and paste to canvas.

3. Open TW- Sun, resize 75%, copy and paste to canvas, position in the upper left.

4. Open TW- Fence2, resize 35%, copy and paste to canvas. Duplicate layer (Ctrl+J). Place as shown.

5. Open TW- Mushroom House2, resize 70%, Copy and paste to canvas. Flip layer horizontally (Edit->Transform->Flip Horizontal). Position on the right side.

6. Open TW- Bling3, resize 75%, copy and paste to canvas, position as desired.

7. I placed these elements in this order, on the left side:

TW- Tree1, resize 42%
TW-Sign post2, resize 40%
TW- Butterfly, resize 7%, duplicated once

8. Open TW- Ladder2, resize 25%, copy and paste to canvas, rotate slightly and position so that it is over the window.

9. Open TW- Gnome2, resize 20%, copy and paste to canvas. Position so that the gnome appears to be climbing the ladder.

10. Open TW- Grass3, resize 90%, copy and paste to canvas. Here is what it should look like so far:

11. Place these elements on the right side:

TW- Rock1, resized 25% and duplicated twice
TW- Gnome1, resized 25%
TW- Frog, resized 10%

12. Place these elements on the left side:

TW- Flower4, resized 25%
TW- Flower3, resized 25%
TW- Pot1, resized 25%
TW- Pot2, resized 25%
TW- Plant, resized 25%
TW- String1, resized 25% and flipped horizontally
TW- Flower2, resized 15%
TW- Flower1, resized 15% and flipped horizontally
TW- Turtle, resized 15%

13. Add name. I used Coneria Script Demo font color #b8ee7d, 125pt (for longer names, you may need to make smaller), with 2px stroke #336514.

14. Add drop shadow to layers if desired.

15. Open paper of choice, I used TW-Paper11, resize to 600 x 600 px. Copy and paste to canvas.

16. Drag previous layer all the way to the bottom. Add mask (I used Chichi_Mask_5) to layer {Press "Q" while on layer to enter quickmask selection, copy mask and paste, resize to fit canvas (Ctrl-T and then drag each side to edge of canvas, press enter to accept selection), Press "Q" again, then click on the button at the bottom of the layers that is a rectangle with a circle in the middle. Resize as desired so that it is visible behind tag.

17. Be sure to delete any background layer before saving.

18. You can crop image since you will have a bit of room around the edges.

19. Add your watermark, save as .png and you are finished!

*Note* I always save my tags as a .psd file in case I make mistakes and to offer to others.